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What our Customers’ Owners Say About Barkfield Road!

You cannot beat her selection and customer service. It’s second to none! Dogs are more than welcome and she makes them famous on Instagram.

— Kelly M., Google

Love this little neighborhood pet boutique! We are always greeted by a warm friendly face from the owner whenever we pop in! Their special baked treats are awesome and have a great selection of products.

— Pamela S., Google

Always great seeing Carol and getting the right stuff for my dogs

— Albert S., Google

Wonderful pet store with a wonderful owner. She really knows how to take care of your pets. Even my picky dog who refuses to eat much enjoys her treats! Highly recommended!!

— Justyna B., Google

Wonderful dog store with thoughtful merchandise. Carol does not sell anything that is not good for your dog. She also stocks many eco-friendly and locally made items. I especially love the Cycle dog products that are made from recycled bicycle tires! They last forever.

— Quatzequatel2012, Google

I had the upmost amazing experience here. The woman who is in there (I feel terrible I’ve forgotten her name) is the sweetest person ever! So educational and patient. The store carries the best brands by far – you can leave knowing your dog is getting the best treats & toys. I cannot wait to go again and get more treats. I would give a million stars if that was an option.

— Alexandra B., Google


— John B., Google

A clean organized store with beautiful bakery items for your dog. Mine just had one and wouldn’t let it go she just loved it. We will have to be back again since they started to eat the Christmas goodies. Looking forward to seeing Carol and maybe her wonderful Mom will be there.

— Linda J., Google

Wow! BARKFIELD if you love your animals you must go here! The owner Carol is so sweet and helpful. She has all kinds of all natural food and treats. I picked up some homemade cookies and peanut butter cups, cake mix and a bunch of other stuff. Can’t wait to go back.

— Carolann D., Yelp

Absolutely phenomenal little pet store. They only sell the highest quality foods and treats and toys. Incredible. Definitely worth going to if you care about your dog’s diet.

— David H., Commack, NY, Yelp

Have been meaning to come here for awhile and I am so happy I finally did! What a cute store with a variety of different things for your dog! I’m officially obsessed and will defiantly be back! I got this natural dog spray for my dog’s itchy skin and the owner was able to give a lot of advice! I also got the seasonal cookies which are SOOO cute!

— Jacalyn P., Yelp

What a wonderful Gem did we find today! Just looking around and decided to walk in. Best decision ever. The owner is so friends and suggested awesome things for our small Pup Jake. He is loving the elk antler! We will be back soon

— Melanie R., Patchogue, NY, Yelp

My family I and I have been coming here for years for almost all dog related items. The owner is one of the friendliest shop keepers in the area and loves to take pictures of your dog to showcase on her Facebook page. My dog’s love the home made ‘seasonal’ treats year round and love coming in for a visit.

— Randall P., New York, NY, Yelp

A small store with a big impact! All the goods are 100% produced in the USA, and all the foods are healthy and natural! More expensive, sure, but, definitely worth it! I’ve smelled and tasted two products (one dry, one wet), and found them to be delicious! (I won’t give my dog anything that I can’t palate!) They even bake their own for-pet cookies!!! Incredible!

— Steffi K., Yelp

Love this place! All natural ingredients for my dogs, made in the USA, and nothing unhealthy. If you want the best for your pet go here. Also the owner supports local animal shelters, is there anything better than that? Answer, no.

— Chris S., Islip, NY, Yelp

You only need to walk in here once to see the love and care that Carol put into the store. While there is a small selection, she has handpicked only the highest quality items to sell. Carol was concerned foremost about the well-being of my Corgi and made good recommendations for toys and treats that my dog would like.

We came here to get treats for my Corgi’s first birthday. There is a nice selection of baked dog treats that Carol orders from a US bakery and decorates herself. We ended up buying a variety of different kinds, including a large birthday cake shaped one and several smaller bone shaped ones with cute animals drawn on them.

I would definitely recommend checking out Barkfield Road if you’re looking for high quality toys and treats and a dog-loving atmosphere!

— Kai S., Flushing, NY, Yelp

I love this pet store. Not only is the owner sweet she is extremely knowledgeable. Knows where all the dog food comes from (one of the first things she mentioned was they aren’t from China) and ingredients and checks them before they go on her shelves. I love her little sample of dog treats when you enter the store and her showcase which has doggy sliders. Price is  reasonable and all of the treats look good enough for people to eat. In fact she told us everything is natural so people can eat it and gave my friend a dog treat to try. He even liked it.

— Lizzie T., Jericho, NY, Yelp

The owner, Carol is so nice and very knowledgeable about all the products she sells. You can tell she selects them carefully as everything is made in the US, including all the food which is important. She picks things that are very healthy, ingredient-wise, for dogs (and cats!). Great selection of interesting items for your pets like bowls that keep them from eating too fast and games that they can play with treats to keep them happy/interested.

And the baked treats are great and human-grade (my wife actually likes the peanut butter cups!)  Very nice for your dog and we give them as hostess gifts, etc. for people we know who are dog people like us.

Always new stuff that Carol points out and tells you about and there are in-store events like the CPR for pets that we took and rescue events.

Love this place and we come from Babylon to go there!

— Trevor W., Babylon, Yelp

This store is so cute! Have great stuff from toys to natural food and great shampoos.  The owner is really nice and you can tell cares for dogs. You know everything your getting here is safe and top notch.

— A. A., West Islip, NY, Yelp

Small but cute. A good selection of decorated cookies if you like to spoil your dogs. The owner is knowledgable and friendly. A long ride from where I live but she said she will ship orders so that’s a plus. And of course my two beasts loved the cookies I bought there.

— Kerry M., Manorville, NY, Yelp

I found this shop for dogs by accident, but being an owner of four dogs I had to go in. What I found was a very warm and personal lady named Carol. She explained the business had just opened and took the time to show me all the dog treats and toys I might be interested in for my dogs. I did make a purchase of some super hand designed treats with peanut butter and apple. My dogs loved them. Since then I have referred the store to my friends and been back myself. I recommend this store it’s worth your time if you’re a dog lover! I believe you will feel the same.

— Michael A., New York, NY, Yelp

Beautiful store so neat and clean. Carol and her staff are friendly and so helpful. Molly enjoyed her first birthday picture and we bought a beautiful cake and toy. Tonight Molly will have a special time!!!!

— John S., Facebook

Shiloh loooveeedddd his birthday cake!!! I looked up dog cakes, And Carols was the first one there. and i’m so happy it was! thank you for making his birthday so special!! xo

— Anna C., Facebook

Great store! Can’t wait to go back and explore all of the healthy doggie friendly options! Staff was beyond great and so were their products.

— Liz D., Facebook

Carol is the sweetest person and cares so much about everyone’s pet. I will never stop anywhere else. All her products are top quality and she knows every last detail of everything she sells in her store. Honestly deserves more than 5 stars for the love she gives our furry friends.

— Bruce Drummond, Google

BarkfieldRoadReviews from Our Customers

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  1. laura pepe

    When my beloved Dodger was diagnosed with bone cancer I was devastated… His birthday was days after the diagnosis and I knew I had to throw him a birthday party….We search high and low for places that had doggie cakes and we came across Barkfield. I went there and unfortunately with tear in my eyes I asked for a cake. The staff was so sweet they asked what they could do. I explained that his eating habits had changed and the staff walked me through every possible food and stew and broth that would be good. They were amazing and thankfully Dodger liked Stella’s stew. I am so thankful and appreciative for all the help and sincere concern they had for my Boy!!! Many thanks for such a caring and knowledgeable staff!!! I’ll be there tomorrow for more Stella’s stew!!! PS Dodger loved the birthday cake and cookies!!!
    Thanks again!!! Dodger & Laura

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