Gifts for Celebrating the Dogs in your Life!

Birthdays, new puppies and adopt-a-versaries are all reasons to celebrate your favorite pup! Barkfield Road carries bakery items, toys, dog gift baskets and gift certificates to meet all of your celebration needs.

Celebration Bakery Items

If you are a planner, a do –it yourself or if you need a birthday bakery treat at the last minute, we have an option for you.

Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Fun, festive and flavorful, our birthday cakes and cupcakes will be the hit of the party!

“Homemade” Option

We also carry boxed cake mixes and ice cream for you pooch if you wanted to bake your own.

Mega Peanut Butter Birthday Bones

Always in stock, our peanut butter bones are a perfect way to celebrate another year with your dog! Includes peanut butter cup and candle. All natural, human grade and made in the USA

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